The salt dome of Qom is located in the northwest of Qom city and at a distance of about 20 kilometers from this city. The distance of this salt dome from Tehran is about 160 km, which can be reached in about 3 hours from Tehran. Finding the way to the salt dome requires a guide map. Part of the route is a earthen road. You can drive to the salt dome. It is possible to reach the lake by walking for a few minutes. A longer walk is required to visit the more distant parts of the salt dome.

The Qom salt dome is located 20 kilometers northwest of Qom city on the Qom-Jaafrieh axis and is known as one of the largest and most beautiful salt domes in Iran.

salt dom in Iran The salt dome of Qom is located 15 kilometres away from the Qom-Jafarieh road in central Iran. With a small lake in its heart, the dome is considered a unique phenomenon. According to a Farsi report by ISNA, the salt ponds are found in tropical areas, where the hot temperature vaporises the salty waters accumulated after the seasonal rainfalls to form the salt domes in very beautiful, various shapes.

salt dom of Iran Qom Salt Mountain is located 15 kilometers of Qom Road towards Jafryyah and is considered to be one of the natural attractions of Qom Province. History of geology of Qom’s Salt Dome dates back to sixty million years ago. Tughrud Salt Dome is the only salt dome in the world and it has a small crater that turns it into a unique natural phenomenon located in this region. In this dome, there are blade-like salt crystals that have created beautiful landscapes. This dome is very large and its northern side is expanded up to three kilometers.

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