Musa is the son of Imam Javad (a.s.) and his mother Samana Maghribiya is the mother of Imam Hadi (a.s.) . There are differences among historians regarding the number and names of Imam Javad's children; However, all of them have counted Musa Mubarqa as one of their children. He was born two years after Imam Hadi (AS) in 214 in Medina . Musa was similar to his mother in temperament. Musa stayed there until the martyrdom of Imam Javad (a.s.) and after that he went to Kufa and spent some time in this city and in 256 AH he chose Qom to live and migrated there; Of course, some residents of the city expelled him due to lack of recognition, and he went to Kashan , where he was honored by Abd al-Aziz bin Abi Dalf , who gave him a robe and a car and gave him an annual salary. After some time, the people of Qom regretted their action and demanded the return of Musa to Qom. He passed away in Qom on 22 Rabi al-Thani 296 AH . He was buried in Chehl Akhtaran neighborhood.

Musa Mubarqa (died 296 AH) is the son of Imam Javad (AS) and the younger brother of Imam Hadi (AS) . He was a man of knowledge and narrated narrations from Imam Javad (a.s.). His burial place is in Qom . He is called Mubarqa because he covers his face with a mask. Musa Mubarqa is the ancestor of Sadat Razavi . It is known that the family of Sadat Burqai of Qom and the surrounding areas of Ray are attributed to him. His grave in Chehl Akhtaran neighborhood of Qom is visited and revered by Shiites

mousa mobarqaaaa in Iran Musa was familiar with the science of hadith and wisdom [ source needed ] and was also a narrator of hadith . Shia scholars have admitted the justice, trustworthiness and piety of Musa al-Mubarqa, and some hadith narrators who never narrate about weak and untrustworthy people have narrated from him. [10] Sheikh Kilini in the book of Kafi [11] , Sheikh Tusi in the book of Tahdhib , Sheikh Mofid in Al-Ikhtasas , and Ibn Shuba Harrani in the book of Tohf al-Aqool have narrated a hadith from him. Yahya bin Aktham also wrote a letter to him and asked him for his opinion on some issues.

mousa mobarqaaaa of Iran he date of the building of Musa Mubarqa Court is 950 AH and its founder is Shah Tahmasb Safavid . The architect of this building is "Ostad Sultan Qomi", one of the famous architects of the Safavid period , whose name is recorded in the shrine. In 953 AH, a very high brick ceiling was built on this tomb by the order of Shah Tahmasb Safavi. A number of children and descendants of Musa Mubarqa are buried in his family mausoleum next to his mausoleum known as Chehal Akhtaran . The names of 14 of them are mentioned in the history of Qom . It is known that 40 women, 40 men and 25 children ( a total of 105 people ) were buried in this mausoleum.

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